Healthy Buildings

As people around the world adjust to the new normal, the health of our buildings – and how they influence personal health – is top of mind for all. Irgens is devoted to ensuring all our buildings are delivering our clients the safest, cleanest and healthiest office experience in the market.

Ventilation | Meet or exceed local outdoor air ventilation rate guidelines to control indoor sources of odors, chemicals and carbon dioxide. Conduct regular maintenance and monitor ventilation in real-time to prevent and resolve ventilation issues promptly.

Air Quality | Choose supplies, furnishings and building materials with low chemical emissions. Maintain humidity levels between 30-60% to mitigate odor issues. Conduct annual air quality testing. Respond to and evaluate occupant concerns.

Thermal Health | Meet minimum thermal comfort standards for temperature and humidity and keep thermal conditions consistent throughout the day. Conduct regular maintenance and monitor temperature and humidity in real-time to prevent and resolve thermal comfort issues promptly.

Dusts & Pests | Use high-efficiency filter vacuums and clean surfaces regularly to limit dust and dirt accumulation. Building management is trained in how to respond to pest problems and complaints through our integrated pest management plan focusing on preventative measures.

Safety & Security | Meet fire safety and carbon monoxide monitoring standards. Provide adequate lighting in common areas, stairwells, emergency egress points, parking lots and building entryways. Maintain a holistic emergency action plan and mechanism for communication to building occupants.

Water Quality | Meet the U.S. National Drinking Water Standards at point-of-use. Test water quality regularly. Install water purification system for removal of contaminants, if necessary. Prevent water stagnation in pipes.

Noise | Protect against outdoor noises such as traffic, aircraft and construction. Control indoor sources of noise such as mechanical equipment, office equipment and machinery.

Lighting & Views | Incorporate nature and nature-inspired design indoors. Floor-to-ceiling glass provides as much daylighting as possible.