Our primary goal as developer and investment sponsor is to provide positive financial returns for investors. Our business model engages long-term, repeat clients.

Irgens has…

  • the capability to successfully undertake and complete development projects.
  • expertise in acquisition, design/construction, leasing, financing and property management
    to provide best value and to provide and operate projects cost efficiently.
  • expertise, knowledge and proven track record to deliver projects.
  • a strong commitment to project investors and stakeholders.
  • market knowledge to best anticipate market conditions and take full advantage of opportunities.
  • quality products that are economically and operationally efficient.
  • the highest quality standards to create developments that positively reflect our clients.
  • proven business fundamentals as part of our investment management process.

We will continue to…

  • make the right fundamental economic decisions.
  • manage and mediate risk to the best of our ability.
  • match assets and liabilities.
  • identify, select and secure premier locations.
  • secure qualified commitments from building occupants.
  • select the most qualified vendors and team members.
  • take a tough, but fair approach in our business dealings.
  • employ sustainable or “green” building principles.
  • cultivate and grow relationships with brokers and financial partners.

Irgens has worked mainly with private equity investors in providing capital for our projects. These important clients have ranged from one or two closely held investors to multiple equity partners from which funds were raised through a private placement memorandum offering. Irgens has worked with institutional fund investors from time to time on a limited basis.