New Year, New Transformations


Irgens is excited to announce the internal transition of the following
staff members. Peter Zanghi spent several years working with our asset management team creating and preserving real estate value in the investment portfolio. We are happy to announce Peter is expanding on that
experience by transitioning to Property Management and building on his relationships with third party commercial real estate investments.

As we continue to grow and develop our Property Management team, we are pleased to recognize Sarah Gebel’s growth through a promotion to Assistant Property Manager. Sarah is responsible for assisting the Property Managers with tenant and client communication, lease administration, service vendor management, property administration and requirements to keep the company’s active portfolio of properties running efficiently while serving the needs of each building’s occupants. Sarah’s positive attitude while juggling multiple projects in a busy office environment gives those, she works with confidence in being a team player.

Recognizing talent within the company is hallmark to Irgens team building. We are pleased to announce the promotion of Laura Loos to the role of Assistant Property Manager. Previously Laura severed as Irgens internal operations administrator and will draw on that experience in working with building occupants to maintain and enhance their work environment. Laura is an absolute professional when engaging clients’ needs and addressing property issues.